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Floogle, Anyone?

Two college roommates who had never met before, were spending their first week together in their apartment. One noticed right away that the other had a terrible snoring problem, and he had a very hard time sleeping with all of the noise. So, he decided to play a little trick on his not so intelligent roommate. The next morning, he told him that he should go to the doctor and try to get that snoring problem cleared up. He told him that if he didn't, and continued to snore, he would eventually loose his floogle.

Well, the poor fellow had no idea what his floogle was, but he didn't want to sound stupid by asking, but the sound of loosing his floogle impressed a certain fear in the man. He went to bed that night and prayed that he could make it through the night until tomorrow when he could see a doctor.

That night he began to snore loudly again, and woke his roommate up. So his roommate decided to play another little joke. He took a length of sheep gut and laid it on the pillow beside his snoring friend.

The next morning when he got up he noticed that his roommate looked awful and asked what was wrong. He replied, "well, you were right, last night I snored so loud that I lost my floogle. But by the grace of God and the help of a toothbrush, I managed to get it back in."

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